My First Yudu Project
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Answers to your Yudu questions

Yudu_logo This post is a follow up to my

previous post about Provo Craft's Yudu Screen-Printing machine.  Thank you for asking so many great questions!


FROM START...when you printed it on the transparency to FINISH..after the ink was dry and set.. what would you say was the total time on the shirt??  I'll break the steps down...

  • Printing out transparency ---> Emulsion dry on screen  - 25 minutes
  • Exposing the design onto the screen  ---> washing/drying screen - about 30 minutes
  • Printing the screen - 5 minutes
  • Clean up - 5 minutes

As you can see, most of the long times are when the screen is drying...but the actual printing part is really quick.  If you had multiple platens & a helper you could whip out a bunch of shirts really quickly, but even with just one platen & working by yourself it would go pretty fast.

How many times can you use a screen?  I do know that you can wash the emulsion off repeatedly so the screen is reusable but I'm not sure how long the lifetime of a screen is, but I'll ask & find out.

How does it hold up to washing?  I assume you are referring to the shirt.  Provo Craft says that as long as it is heat set correctly (3 mins) it will last as long as a store bought shirt would.  Also, the ink is "soft feel" & you can barely feel it once it's on the shirt.

Was it hard to center the image?  Not really.  I eyeballed where to put the shirt & it's slightly off center (my DH thinks that I'm the only one that would notice it)...I think it would be helpful to use a ruler & put a mark on the platen to let you know where center is though if you're a perfectionist...especially if you are using a large(r) size shirt since there will be more fabric to deal with.  The shirt I used was medium.