CKC - Pasadena 2009
Another Friday Fill-In

Yudu Screen Printing on Vinyl and Felt

EPB-Yudu_VinylBag I had to go to Target today & while I was there I found a cheap ($0.99) little vinyl bag that needed a good also needed a bit of embellishment.  I used my Yudu to put the "E" on it and added a bit of ribbon too.  I used my heat gun to heat set the ink.  I'm interested to see how well it will hold up.  It does feel like it's on there pretty well....but we'll see.

This was a little tricky to print on since the zipper pushed the Yudu screen up when I tested I opened the bag up & put one of my Close To My Heart acrylic blocks inside with double stick tape on it (to keep it from sliding around) and it worked great!

EPB-Yudu_OrangeEonFelt So, once I had that done, I thought to myself....what else can I print on that I haven't yet???  Felt.  It worked really well too.  Someone better stop me before I turn into Lavern & Shirley & have my initial on everything.  :D