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Yudu Screen Printing on Wood with Multicolored Ink

EPB-Yudu__WoodBead-Necklace In my quest to see what other surfaces I could screen print on successfully with my Yudu  I decided I would try printing on wood. When I was at Michael's the other day I came across some wooden beads that were on clearance & decided to give it a try on them.  And then to challenge myself further I decided to make my design multicolored.

I used the Peacock Yudu ink on one layer and did a mix of Yellow and Sky Yudu ink on the second layer.  After I was finished I carefully heat set it with a heat looks like it's on there pretty securely but I may add clear top  coat to protect it.EPB-Yudu__WoodBead-Necklace-closeup

I get a lot of emails about how to do multicolor prints on the Yudu.  In a nut shell, you want each layer of color to be on it's own layer.  -So that means you need to either use multiple screens (with the design registration marks of each screen lining up to the other screens) or put the design layers all on the same screen and move the object you're screen printing to line up correctly for each layer.  Provo Craft has the steps broken down here, but if you have further questions feel free to ask me.

EPB-Yudu__WoodBead-Necklace-Erin-blog As a serial crafter I've added a beads and charms & whatnot to things before, but I had never actually made jewelry.  For the life of me I couldn't find all the pieces I needed at Michael's or JoAnn's so I headed over to Beads 'n Other Needs.  The ladies working there were very helpful & hooked me up with the things I couldn't find anywhere else.  And of course I found a few other things there that I just had to get to play around with too....I'm a serial crafter after all.